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Posted: November 30, 2022

The Great Eby’s Cavalcade of Cash

Kootenay Crust – By Ian Cobb

Op-Ed Commentary

There is no provincial election in sight in British Columbia, yet the ruling NDP government is tossing cash around with pure pre-election pandering pandemonium (‘pologies).

Flitting along with the cavalcade of ‘our’ cash is a growing list of promises with the hopes of calming the concerns of millions of British Columbians who face skinnier Christmases in these ever-more-challenging times.

Newly anointed Premier David Eby’s first 12 days in office has featured numerous funding announcements – almost all centred in the Lower Mainland – and a host of ‘we’re gonna do’ promises.

Here are some provincial government media release ‘suggested’ headlines over the past 12 days:

Families can start planning, knowing child care savings are coming soon;

New SFU medical school moves forward to train family doctors of tomorrow;

More social and community service workers will serve people on Lower Mainland;

New affordable homes open in Coquitlam;

Premier Eby commits to maintaining individualized autism funding, engaging in deeper consultation for a new funding and service model for children and youth with support needs;

Fiscal update shows B.C. well-positioned amid economic uncertainty;

Construction underway on new co-op homes in Surrey;

Eric Langton elementary will be replaced with safer, expanded facility;

Standalone ministry to tackle housing crisis, Premier Eby announces;

Funding approved for Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique;

New premier delivers action to expand housing supply within first days;

New funding helps connect people to jobs in social services sector;

Premier Eby takes action to keep people, communities safe;

David Eby sworn in as premier, announces cost-of-living credits for people.

I’ll conclude this list with a couple of government media release headlines that should be of far more concern to the ruling government.

  • Auditor general’s report highlights government’s inaccurate financial reporting, rising disaster costs, COVID-19 benefit recoveries (Nov. 22);
  • At least 179 lives lost to toxic drugs in B.C. in October 2022 (Nov. 30).

New Premier Eby has the spin machine whirring at top speed, nestling against the Lower Mainland in well-established NDP fashion, as he dances and flashes grins in a Great Cavalcade of Cash.  From whence the Official Opposition (Name to Receive Final Approval but Probably BC United) reminds British Columbians: ‘why wasn’t that money spent earlier to help divert or avoid ongoing social crises?’

It’s a good question and we’d all like to hear the reasoning for it.

Because public relations posturing and flinging taxpayer money around combined leave a sour taste in the mouth of we the fleeced who have our pockets picked in order for the political games machine to operate at optimal smoke and mirrors, Mr. new Premier.

It’s even more galling for we British Columbians who dwell beyond Hope to watch our hard-earneds being used to placate the core of your base while you barely fling us a bone during these hard times.

I wonder if Premier Eby will cleave some change from this Cavalcade of Cash and convenient promises for the displaced and dispossessed in Lytton or Merritt, or other rural areas ravaged in recent years? And I mean real help. Not words.

It’s time for you and your cabinet to venture beyond Hope and meet rural British Columbia, which last time I checked provides a hoo-doggie load of wealth to Victoria, and start evening the spread of taxpayer cash.

We know the Lower Mainland is a big bloody mess. But we’re hurting out here in the hinterlands, too.

Schools need to be built/upgraded; water and sewer systems need fixing; highways need improving; hospitals need staff and upgrades; social services need improving; legislations need changing that speak to rural B.C. and not just the Lower Mainland; and more than anything else, what we out here in the heart of B.C. want and need from you Mr. Premier is your full attention and a fair mind.

Why must rural B.C. residents take it on the chin from NDP governments because we tend to vote for the other party?

You’re a smart fella David. You know politics is all optics.

If you’re going to go on a cash flinging and promises rampage, maybe sprinkle in some love to rural B.C. Seeing as how two-fifths of B.C.’s residents live outside the Lower Mainland, the love should reflect that ratio at least. You know, democratically like.

– Ian Cobb is owner/editor of e-KNOW and he’s watched every ruling NDP government dating back to Mike Harcourt’s treat rural B.C. with smug indifference.

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