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Posted: March 14, 2019

Time for a change in BCGA Zone 1 East

British Columbia Golf Association (BCGA) Zone 1 East has started a search for a new chair and committee members to run the zone.

Fred Bunney, Mike duToit and John Ough took over the zone in 2015.

“We had a number of objectives to complete in the years we have run the zone which were: start a website to inform the area of what’s happening… done; 
keep and update Facebook for the Junior Golfers…done;
 create an email account for the zone… done. Along with the email account create list of contacts for all competitions… done (except of juniors).
 Restart the EK Seniors’ Tournament … done; 
grow the Juniors Golfers in the area… done,” outlined John Ough.

The trio also improved communication with all the golf clubs in the area.

“The SNAGG equipment we supplied to some of the pros has been used to teach over 1,000 students and that number grows each year,” Ough said, adding, “The one area that we did not fulfill was to increase the number of juniors competing in the area tournaments. Maybe a younger committee with direct interest in juniors would be more successful.”

As Bunney, duToit and Ough committed to five years, the zone is therefore looking for people to take over the role of chair and committee members.

“It is not a large commitment in time as the organizing and structure is already in place. If we do not have a committee next … all the funding and running of events will revert back to the West Kootenay Zone… far from our valley,” Ough pointed out.

“The rewards are in the smiles of the golfers.”

The BCGA Zone 1 East is appealing to all concerned… if you or anyone you know is interested in making a contribution of their time and effort to further golf (especially juniors) in the zone, please contact John Ough, BCGA Zone 1 East, at 250-602-9444.


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