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Posted: January 14, 2018

Time to smarten up in the Age of the Idiot

Kootenay Crust

By Ian Cobb

Op-Ed commentary (colourful language warning)

Welcome to 2018.

We are now one full year into the final collapse of global society, or the more deserving titles – ‘The Time of the Asshole’ and ‘Age of the Idiot.’

Look around you; assholes everywhere and idiots hanging from the thinnest and highest branches.

This is nothing new; it’s a huge part of the human condition. Stupid assholes ruin things. In the past, the rulers, emperors, dictators and governments world-wide have dealt with the problem by engaging in constant warfare, thereby heavily reducing the potential for the proliferation of massive herds of stupid assholes.

By the time the Second World War exploded on the scene, it was clear to the creeps in charge that the supply of meat for the grinder that makes them fortunes would dry up tout suite if they continued down that path.

A stroke of genius grew from the brilliance of the time and it was placid consumerism that bred apathy.

The creeps in charge realized they could work wonders with a complacent, satisfied throng of bi-pedal packages of ground chuck and so came the 1950s and 1960s, with a ballooned middle class adding to the wealth creating utopia occurring in the countries possessing the means.

And so began the dumbing down of America; the hyper-creation of ‘the American Way’ and ‘the American Dream,’ which peaked around about when Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon.

Using radio, big screen cinema and the idiot box, the creeps in charge puppet-mastered the slaves of their empire with the same indentured servitude they always ruled with, but in a much more sinister way. It’s all done to us while we believe we are free. “Say look, my card limit has gone up. Wowwee!”

Yes, Canada is its own boss and all that, but we Canucks are equally debt-screwed as our American cousins and European forbearers.

Unfortunately for the Americans, they evolved differently than Canadians, mostly I believe because of a lack of law and order and civility toward the fellow man. The creeps in charge at that time were slave owning, indigenous person murdering mini-versions of the European dictators they or their ancestors fled.

In Canada, we were oppressed by the Crown and kept servile by being ‘loyal’ to king and country and all that hoohaw. That means the nasty stuff was done far more quietly than how our gun smoke addicted American cousins got things done.

Such a way of existing, in a world with alarming incremental population growth, is about as sustainable as a Big Mac left in front of President Donald Trump after he wakes from his afternoon nappy nap.

And we are now at that tipping point; the collapse of an accepted way of life – the hardest of change to endure. The brainwashing has failed to take root in billions of souls, while equal numbers hold mightily to the past. The inevitable clash is upon us; it is made clear with every single scroll through a social media feed. Every feeble minded insult, assault and raging comes from minds and hearts warped and melted by the heat of the upbringing and educations they’ve received.

The haters do a damned good job of rallying stupid assholes and never has that been more obvious than in the spasmodic insanity oozing out of the White House.

The Time of the Asshole and Age of the Idiot is now. Greed, a major cause of assholery and forced ignorance, rampages among the dying vestiges of the post war dream and digi-scapes of an uncertain future.

In a recent flight of blithering fancy, Little Lord Fauntleroy (Trump) has gone off again on Twitter about how his penis is larger than Kim Jong Un’s. For some reason, the ‘mainstream’ media almost universally showed photos of Trump with a prominent, albeit tiny, pudgy pink hand waving in front of his cadmium face (sorry, one can’t say Trump doesn’t evoke colourful rants).

And just for you who judge before you think, breathe, blink or pause for a nice drool, because I know some are thinking or saying “typical liberal media asshole is giving Trudeau a pass.”

I am not.

Our Prime Minister is a special kind of asshole. While he has more public class and basic intelligence in his colon than Donald Trump and his sons have combined, he is almost a worse form of asshole than said Earl Tangerine.

At least Trump is open in his assholery. Trump is a true blueblood asshole 24/7 with heavier doses on Sundays and whenever the Viagra kicks in.

Trudeau tries to hide the fact he is an asshole. He has duped several million Canadians, and many more people globally, into believing he is some kind of nicely coiffed savior of the sane centre in a time of the emboldened rampant large C conservative-dipshit-assholery with a wide side of misogyny and bigotry, but he’s just another political-party-machine weasel with his lips wrapped around the filthy tube that fills the Ottawa trough with our hard-earned tax dollars. A flashy marionette, he is.

Meet the new boss; same as the old asshole.

Want more proof that assholes (the creeps) are in charge? By about noon Jan. 2, the top 100 CEOs in Canada had already ‘earned’ more than what the average Canadian worker will earn in all of 2018.

Now, there is nothing wrong with someone making as much money as they can. However, as everything done everywhere by our government or that failing plop of graft known as the American government, is done on the backs of workers – the optics start to look really nasty.

Those optics cast one across the divide between those who rule and those who serve, and that divide has grown to the point where the weight of those who have nothing is so much more than what those who have can hold up, that collapse is inevitable.

Leading the way through the darkness for the American people is a “genius” conman – an agent savant of the creeps. Tapping into the basest stench of the average stupid asshole, Trump secured electoral victory and to this day, he speaks to them and them alone.

The massive use and abuse of social media during the last US election cycle, likely infused with lots of Russian and other America-hating nation meddling, riled up stupid assholes to such an extent that open allegiance to white supremacist groups and a new round of sorry bigotry emerged like a blast of diarrhea. And don’t be smug Canada; it flowed north, too.

And here we are.

An American president calls a dictator with nuclear capabilities “Rocket man.”

Hawaiians and visitors were terrified yesterday when a missile warning began bleating from their phones. Ha ha, Mr. President. Ha ha. (Make laughing sound with inherited wealth Ivy League asshole accent.)

Trump calls some of the world’s nation states “shitholes” and then denies it, as one of his apparent 2,000 documented lies in his first 11 months in power. Imbecilic crassness has replaced presidential reason; trolls bay at the moon.

Trumpites blindly follow das leader and believe him when he spouts “fake news” whenever something doesn’t paint him in a flattering light, which is basically never. The haters follow their hater. Don’t tell them about historical comparisons, some as recent as 72 years ago, because you’re a lying commie or a mainstream media zombie or (insert favourite bigoted term here).

And when the ‘facts’ people are taking as true are stemming from haters with devious agendas, mostly just to soak the suckers, the end result is Trump. Or Trudeau. We get what we deserve because we have allowed our societies to de-volve into this current rampaging diatribe of nonsense, of which this column is a part, for certain.

Social media is keeping people “cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases,” stated former US President Barrack Obama recently.

You see, I’m such a stupid asshole that it took me 1,200 words to say that!

Because after all, opinions are like assholes; everyone’s got one, right? Just try to form them with substance and the spice of experience and stop believing everything you read or see on the telly or ‘net,’ because the bulk of it is designed to keep you in your status quo and unarmed with intelligence. Off to work you go, because you owe. Feel the anger; feel the pain; consume. That is all the creeps expect of you.

It’s time to smarten up. And who knows, maybe this will all lead to improved discourse. After all, Trump can be credited for the outpouring of accusations of sexual abuse and rape that are occurring and hopefully will continue by showing leadership to the vile and cretinous.

Now we just have to dodge nuclear conflagration.

Ian Cobb is owner/editor of e-KNOW and someone who dreams of an alien visitation because humankind needs to shake the shackles that limit its collective potential. He also cheers for the Arizona Coyotes, so what the hell does he know?

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