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Posted: September 27, 2020

Tommy Douglas is rolling in his grave

Letter to the Editor

British Columbia’s resurgence of COVID-19 cases should come as no surprise to anyone.

Premier John Horgan’s unrelenting policy of withholding information regarding specific locations of outbreaks in B.C. can only be perceived as pandering to the tourism industry while endangering the general public.

Lack of area-specific information encourages naysayers and hoax theorists who then respond by ignoring social distancing and other COVID-19 related recommendations.

Essentially, unlike other Canadian premiers, Horgan is empowering the ignorant; a leadership tactic alarmingly similar to that of the current US president.

As large groups of physicians are questioning B.C.’s “mushroom” response, it is clear that this is not merely a matter of personal opinion.

Air quality warning, folks:  increased dust particulate due to Tommy Douglas rolling in his grave.

Denise Lean,


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