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Posted: November 30, 2017

Toolkit being created for independent restaurants

Inspired Restaurants, a provincial labour market project aimed at helping smaller, independent restaurants improve working conditions and retain staff, is now underway.

Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Educations, Skills and Training.

“The food service industry is an important part of our diversified economy in B.C.,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. “Restaurant work can be very rewarding, but the job is not without its own unique challenges. Giving owners of independent restaurants practical tools will help them improve working conditions so their business can grow.”

Restaurants’ traditional sources of entry-level and skilled labour are diminishing, and labour supply is insufficient to meet current needs. Throughout B.C., small, independent restaurants have reported challenges in retaining skilled workers.

The BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association, with support from the provincial government, is creating a toolkit to help independent restaurateurs recruit, retain and reward staff.

The toolkit is structured into independent modules and will contain factsheets and best practices, quizzes, and links to specialized industry resources, including one-on-one coaching opportunities. Delivery of the toolkit will be available online:

“Working in a restaurant is a tough job. The hours often keep people away from home and their families,” said Ian Tostenson, president and CEO of the BC Restaurants and Foodservices Association. “Restaurants throughout B.C. are in urgent need of kitchen staff. We’re looking at a range of solutions and information that will help smaller independent restaurants keep their doors open.”

The $275,000 Inspired Restaurants project is a Sector Labour Market Partnership, funded through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement, and is expected to finish in spring of 2018.

The Sector Labour Market Partnerships Program helps employers understand and respond to changing workforce challenges, and ensures that education programs are aligned with labour market needs and priorities.


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