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Posted: April 14, 2018

A tremendous leap over logic

Letter to the Editor

Conservative MP Mark Strahl makes a tremendous leap over logic when he suggests in his April 7 letter that the Conservative Party would actually do anything to deal with the high price of gasoline, particularly given their historic ties to multinational oil companies.

After all, his party had 10 years under Stephen Harper to address outrageous prices at the pumps, and they did absolutely nothing in that time.

On the other hand, the federal NDP has a long history of calling out high gas prices. We believe Canada needs a Gas Ombudsperson who can investigate high prices and any possible collusion between oil companies.

Last November, I asked the government a question about the high gas prices that our communities across my riding of Kootenay-Columbia were experiencing at that time. Both the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Business and Innovation made it clear:  the Liberal government, like their Conservative predecessors, will take no action or responsibility on behalf of consumers.

To quote the response from the Minister of Natural resources: “The Government of Canada has no plans to create a gas price-monitoring agency.”

Clearly neither the Liberals or the Conservatives will do anything about our gas prices. It’s a good thing that the people of Kootenay-Columbia are too smart to fall for their empty rhetoric!

Wayne Stetski,

Member of Parliament


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