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Posted: November 13, 2021

Trudeau’s ideological oil and gas cap policy wrong for Canada

Letter to the Editor

At COP26, the United Nations climate change summit, Justin Trudeau announced that he will be putting in place a cap on oil and gas production in Canada.

For weeks, Conservatives have warned that Justin Trudeau’s decision to appoint anti-energy activist Steven Guilbeault as Minister of the Environment would result in the implementation of ideological policies that actually increase global emissions. The Liberal plan to put a cap on Canadian oil and gas puts at risk countless highly-skilled middle-class jobs connected to Canada’s energy sector. This disastrous policy will also lead to even higher gasoline prices at the pumps.

Many countries are experiencing the first effects of energy poverty. European leaders and even U.S. President Biden have called for more development and production of energy products. Liberal policies that makes energy more expensive for Canadians is not the answer. Canada could step up to provide some of the cleanest energy products to global markets, but Justin Trudeau is determined to strangle Canada’s energy exports and investment for ideological reasons.

Conservatives know that Canadian energy can provide the world with better environmental solutions. We are committed to seeing beyond Liberal ideology and delivering tangible results – for Canadians and for the world’s environment.

The Liberal plan to limit made-in-Canada energy will only embolden foreign oil-producing dictatorships while making life more expensive for Canadian families driving to work and heating their homes. This is not a responsible environmental policy. Conservatives know that reversing these damaging policies is critical to securing our future prosperity.

Rob Morrison,

Member of Parliament for Kootenay-Columbia

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