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Posted: September 9, 2020

Trump tub willingly turns into full torpedo spread

Kootenay Crust

By Ian Cobb

Op-Ed Commentary

“This is deadly stuff,” the president repeated for emphasis. “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed,” Trump said in a Feb. 7 call. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flu.”

Those words are from a new book by Richard Nixon presidency co-slayer Bob Woodward.

Remember Woodward and (Carl) Bernstein, of All the President’s Men fame? They were the two Washington Post reporters who in 1972 uncoiled Nixon’s messy Watergate scandal and brought deserved ruin to the 36th President of the United States.

It was some of the finest investigative journalism ever produced. Their work inspired me and thousands of other people to become journalists. It showed the pure beauty of a democratic society and a free press managed by seasoned mentors. Ah, the good old days.

With that in mind, I am left absolutely agog at today’s news – that US President Donald J. Trump phoned Woodward 18 times, with the calls recorded by said intrepid reporter between December 2019 and this past June. Trump would CALL Woodward and say such stupid things like the above quote, referring to the fast-arriving COVID-19 pandemic. He also told Woodward much more.

As we’ve all seen, Trump has coloured outside the lines since the start of this bloody pain in the arse pandemic, ranging from being absurd to almost, sort of on topic to wildly insane in his comments and erratic threats.

A president who has driven a massive white privilege wedge through the heart of a once great nation, whose lack of leadership and malignant narcissism has helped make America the greatest failure of all global nations in the handling of the pandemic, CALLED Bob Woodward to blab like a bored teenager. That’s like a honey-slathered fawn inviting a starving grizzly over for drinks and a cuddle.

Never mind the national security secret sharing hallucinations that must be bursting through the minds of all American military and intelligence mucky mucks, but just consider how amazingly dumb, or perhaps flailingly senile those calls were for a president with a badly damaged reputation, half a year before striving for re-election, to make.

I’d be in hysterics if I wasn’t so barkingly cynical of Trump’s base. It’s patently clear his base doesn’t give a rat’s bum about his uselessness as a leader or his sneering disdain for the institutions his base claims to adore.

The list of Trump’s boners and illegalities grows by the day and he CALLS Bob Woodward to give him the goods!

It’s like he’s trying to sabotage his re-election but the sticky maw of courts awaits when 45 leaves office so one must assume he’s desperate to stay in power. Again, how braindead is this guy?

Bob Woodward’s Rage is most assuredly timed to slam a spread of torpedoes into the side of the labouring tub that is the Trump campaign, complete with passengers like this screaming meemie and other great statesmen such as other people from his family.

I have always admired Bob Woodward’s work. How he managed to convince Captain Cadmium to go on such a rampage of guilt-stapling blabbery is beyond comprehension! Well done, sir!

Trump’s crushes on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian oligarch Vlad (have some tea why not?) Putin have showcased his insecurities and shameful lack of awareness that the conman is the one being conned. He’s probably pushed US ‘intelligence campaigns’ back a decade or more (and that could be a good thing, or not) by babbling state secrets to state enemies. Imagine if there was even a rumour Barack Obama did such a thing. The hard, dark and mostly empty brains of Proud Boys would be popping like champagne corks America-over.

Sadly, Trump is more than likely just a lonely old man who thought Bob Woodward, from his own generation, was being a friend and he let down his guard and unleashed his tongue, which obviously has communications issues with his brain.

I’ve been reluctant to write about Trump lately because the thought of the bigoted blob of misogynistic prevarication with the brain-of-a-goat makes me want to get into fist fights. But this latest self-swung shovel upside his chubby Cheeto face has to be addressed.

If Woodward’s Rage isn’t enough to convince American voters that their president is mentally unstable and a national security risk, then my strong belief that the American people – collectively – are better than they’ve been showing lately, will have to be re-evaluated.

This is a pivotal moment in world history. We are bearing witness to a change in the balance of world power all because of a president who represents the worst traits of a sloppy, spoiled, petulant nation clinging to vestiges of a past that were warped and in need of transcendence.

Change is needed down south in more than just who is sitting in the Whitehouse.

It is quite possible that Trump’s promise to drain the swamp will be the one and only promise that comes true and needed, sweeping changes that reflect modern American life follow.

– Ian Cobb is owner/editor of e-KNOW and he advises the snotty comment spewing Trump lovers that he cares not a whit what they think, unless they actually submit a comment with their real names and then he at least respects their basic courage to communicate like an adult and not some shadow-shrieking troll.

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