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Posted: March 9, 2020

Veterinary clinic warns of possible dog poisonings

A Cranbrook veterinary clinic is warning customers, social media followers and pet owners about suspicious poisonings of dogs in the Wycliffe Buttes and Kimberley areas.

Tanglefoot Veterinary Services stated on Facebook March 8 it has “confirmation that there is something suspicious happening with poisoning at the Butte(s) and in Kimberley. At this time we do not have confirmation on exact details and the identification of the suspected toxin.”

On March 6, the vets advised on Facebook: “We are asking people to use caution when walking you dogs at the Butte and any other off leash area. Spring melt can uncover many hidden hazards.”

If you know anything or see anything suspicious please call the RCMP, which is investigating.

“If you think your dog has ingested anything suspicious, please call your nearest veterinary clinic immediately and seek treatment,” Tanglefoot says.

Wycliffe Buttes (pictured) is located just southeast of Kimberley/Marysville.

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