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Posted: October 13, 2019

Vote for our children’s future

Letter to the Editor

There’s a ‘vote strategically’ narrative going around again this election period.  I’ve been guilty of spinning it in the past too. What that narrative does, is create fear in people, that if they don’t vote to support the NDP, that the Conservatives will get in again. The result is that their desired candidate, and I mean the Green candidate, can’t possibly win if the majority of their support goes to someone else.

In speaking with many Greens who really want to vote Green, but are being convinced to vote NDP; I’m hearing that it really bothers them. It bothers me too. That’s why, this election, I am voting Green as I have wanted to for years.

The strategic vote narrative also includes the need for proportional representation. The Greens will bring in PR, period. No referendum after one or two voting periods.

It is this election, at this time in our global history, that I need my vote to count for the party that can do the most to combat the climate crisis. The Green Party has the most aggressive climate action plan that will meet or exceed the Paris Accord. No other party will achieve that.

About 7.5 million people recently marched out of schools and businesses demanding that we act on the climate crisis. We don’t have another four years to wait for a change in leadership for something to get done. It must be now.

A young woman said to a group of us one day that “your vote won’t affect you as much as it will affect my future.”

For the Planet.

Sharon Cross,


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