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Posted: July 26, 2022

Wanted 20 years, American fugitive arrested by Creston RCMP

An Idaho man wanted for 20 years by American police for sex crimes with minors has been arrested in Creston.

On July 13, Creston RCMP received information that a person wanted in the United States was in Creston. The information was related to Louis Edward Flood, who has been wanted since 2001.

Louis Flood was convicted in 1997 for Lewd Conduct with Minor Child under 16 and Sex Abuse of Child under 16 in Idaho.

In 2001, Louis Flood was out on parole after serving three years of his 18-year sentence when he went missing. He was even featured on the America’s Most Wanted TV show back in 2011.

Based on the information received, Cst. Dave Bickle from Creston RCMP reached out to the United States Marshall Service, Idaho State Corrections and the Idaho State Police.

“I was contacted immediately after my initial request and they provided me Flood’s records from 2001. They outlined how he was not complying with his parole and they provided the warrant for his arrest,” stated Cst. Bickle. “The agencies provided a photo from 2000 which I was able to use to confirm his identity.”

Constable Bickle liaised with Canada Border Services Agency to have a removal warrant issued for Flood’s return to the USA. On July 21, Flood was remanded by Canada Border Services to Okanagan Correctional Centre.

On July 25, Flood was removed from Canada to the United States where the US Marshall Service Fugitive Transport Unit took custody of him. Idaho State officials indicate Flood will be serving the remaining 13 years of his sentence in prison upon his return to the USA.

“I never thought I would be involved with such an interesting arrest and to have the opportunity work with so many different agencies. This is a highlight for my career,” said Cst. Bickle.

“This was excellent police work by Constable Bickle. I am proud of how well he worked with all these different agencies,” stated Corporal Evan Diachok, detachment commander of the Creston RCMP.

“Everyone pulled together to get Louis Flood into custody. I would like to thank our partners in the United States and Canada Border Services for their hard work on this file.”

Creston RCMP would like to remind the public that their assistance, no matter how big or small can make a difference to help bring criminals to justice. Anyone with information regarding criminal activity is encouraged to contact their local police and speak to an investigator.

Photo provided by Creston RCMP


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