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Posted: April 29, 2019

Wasa fire suppression a success

By Nowell Berg

At around 4 p.m today (April 29), a holiday trailer and outbuilding burned to the ground on Aspen Road at Wasa Lake.

The local volunteer Wasa Fire group responded with 25 men working hoses and controlling the spread of
the fire. Two water trailers along with support pumps and water transport arrived to douse flames
reaching forty plus feet into the nearby Ponderosa pine trees.

Over 16 trees were severely burned contributing to the intensity and destructive power of the fire. One
witness said they saw flames shooting above the treeline from the other side of Wasa lake.

An adjacent two-story house had the exterior vinyl siding melted and dripping from heat exposure.

Numerous neighborhoods within Wasa have banded together acquiring equipment, pumps and hoses to
protect their homes and buildings from wildfire and human causes.

Today’s volunteer response to control the spread of the fire is a tremendous showing of community spirit
and good will.

Thank you to all the volunteers. Great job in stopping the fire from causing further destruction.

The Wasa Fire group will hold a community FireSmart day on July 7 at the Community Hall. The day includes information on how to FireSmart your property and equipment demonstrations.

Photos by Nowell Berg

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