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Posted: October 12, 2019

We need politicians who listen to us all

Letter to the Editor

The role of our elected MPs and MLAs is to represent all constituents, not just those who voted for them, think like them, or look like them.

Our system of representative democracy depends on this. But in the 2019 election, democratic principles appear to be detached from partisan interests. As a case-in-point, consider the Kootenay-Columbia riding’s Conservative candidate Rob Morrison’s practice of blocking and banning voters on his candidate Facebook page.

I’m part of a network of citizens across the riding which convenes online to discuss politics. A number of our members have attempted to contribute to conversations on Mr. Morrison’s Facebook pages; the list is growing. Alas, it seems he does not want to know their views or discuss his own views.

He has blocked and banned some of his potential constituents when he disagrees with them, or when they provide comments that challenge his positions.

As one person on our network said, “Many people have told me that they were banned from Rob Morrison’s Facebook pages. What does that say about his willingness to listen to voters? Since he clearly only wants to hear from certain people; how can he possibly represent us all?”

If Mr. Morrison and other similarly intolerant politicians cannot hear from us now, it seems unlikely they can represent us if they win.

This kind of politics damages our democratic order and our form of representative government. We need politicians who listen to us all.

Joyce Green,


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