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Posted: August 1, 2021

We need to figure this out

Letter to the Editor

I struggle to understand how the power to create a better future is in the hands of people who behave as though they don’t care. And what we can do to change that.

Running a country or a province is a sacred duty to represent citizens’ interests. And if that isn’t sacred enough, what about the duty to the kids in their lives? What do they tell four-year-olds who are crying because they’re afraid their house will burn down?

Even with people we know who are committed to environmental ideals, once elected to government remain silent. Even as the last of B.C.’s old growth is clearcut, as fracking continues, and as our tax dollars are given to the very companies that are destroying our life support systems.

Is this due to party discipline? Or the power of industry lobbyists? Maybe it’s trade agreements that give large corporations the ability to sue our government if policies that protect our environment harm their bottom line.

What will it take for our politicians to speak up and make the changes we need?

What can we do to get those who hold power to implement policies to help us survive the environmental crisis we’re facing? And I don’t mean getting them to make promises they won’t keep. We’ve seen enough talk and log, talk and frack, talk and buy pipelines, and talk and subsidize fossil fuel companies.

We need to figure this out and find the levers that will change our direction if we have any hope of a liveable future.

Diana van Eyk,


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