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Posted: November 25, 2018

What are the Liberals protesting about?

Letter to the Editor

I’m puzzled by recent news that Mr. Andrew Wilkinson (BC Liberals/Opposition Leader) is having a fit about Premier John Horgan stating that in the prescribed post-referendum process his MLAs won’t support having the parties decide who our Regional MMP top-up MLAs would be.

Horgan is sticking to the process laid out in the Attorney General’s May 30 Recommendations, adopted by Cabinet. This clearly states – in the “Post Referendum Decisions for Legislature” section – that details of Open, Closed, or Flexible lists seats will be worked out by a balanced all-party committee of MLAs.

Since the Green Party has always opposed Closed Lists, and now Horgan announced that Closed Lists will be “off the table” for the NDP members of that committee, what is the Liberal leadership – who forever have been ignoring the AG’s report by convincing the public that the “party brass” would for sure be imposing MLAs on us all, etc. – protesting about?

Antoinette Halberstadt,


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