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Posted: March 19, 2023

Win up to $500,000 in BCWF 50/50

The B.C. Wildlife Federation 50/50 lottery is a win for wildlife and the environment. It’s also an opportunity for one lucky British Columbian to walk away with up to $500,000! Will it be you?

The money we raise supports conservation, youth programs, and independent scientific research. BCWF youth programs engage more than 4,000 young people each year. Our members and volunteers donate more than 300,000 hours a year to wetland and habitat restoration projects.

The BCWF financially and materially supports research on struggling species. Our goals are always the same: more animals on the land, more birds in the air, and more fish in the water.

Buy your tickets today at

Projects funded by this lottery include: 

  • Prescribed and cultural burns in B.C.’s dry Interior. We are partnering with First Nations and the provincial and federal governments to return prescribed burns to the land combining Indigenous knowledge and western science to restore and rejuvenate habitat for all species and reduce the risk of out-of-control wildfires.
  • The Southern Interior Mule Deer project is a world-class research initiative on mortality and migration of B.C. declining mule deer populations in collaboration with the Okanagan Nation Alliance, The University of B.C. Okanagan, The University of Idaho and the British Columbia Fish and Wildlife Branch.
  • The Southern B.C. Cougar Project aims to address key knowledge gaps on cougar ecology in British Columbia’s southern Interior. The team is tracking cougar behaviour and predation of mule deer, white-tailed deer, moose, and elk near wildfires, roads, and clear-cuts.

• The Chronic Wasting Disease Initiative is monitoring B.C.’s deer, moose, and elk for a degenerative prion disease, so that we can respond quickly if it is detected.

  • Restoring and enhancing wetlands and riparian zone habitat for fish and wildlife.
  • Fishing Forever is a program that supports participants of all ages, abilities, and mobility challenges to learn to fish and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Youth education programs, including The National Archery in Schools program, Go Wild! and Wild Kidz camps provide education and conservation training for the next generation of British Columbians.

Every ticket helps protect and restore the habitat and crucial wetlands that British Columbia’s fish and wildlife depend on.

Tickets are $10 each, three for $20, 10 for $50, or 30 for $100 at

The deadline for entry is Friday, April 28, at 11:59 p.m. The draw will be held Monday, May 1, at 1 p.m.

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B.C. Wildlife Federation

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