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Posted: September 21, 2023

Written input invited on passenger-directed vehicles

The Special Committee to Review Passenger Directed Vehicles, a parliamentary committee of the legislative assembly, invites British Columbians to provide written input to inform its review of passenger-directed vehicles, including taxi and ride-hailing services.

“The industry has evolved and experienced innovation in recent years,” said Mable Elmore, committee chair. “The committee has a broad mandate and is interested in understanding what’s working well and what further changes may be needed to better support the sector and access to these transportation services across the province.”

Section 42.1 of the Passenger Transportation Act requires a special committee of the legislative assembly to conduct a review of passenger-directed vehicle services and transportation network services administered under the act.

The committee, comprised of MLAs from government and the official Opposition, was appointed by the legislative assembly for this purpose on May 11. The committee must submit a report to the legislative assembly with recommendations by May 10, 2024.

“It is certainly an evolving legislative, regulatory and policy environment,” added Shirley Bond, deputy chair. “That is why it is so important for committee members to learn about the key challenges that operators are facing and also receive input from people who use transportation services. I am hopeful that the feedback we receive will help us consider how to address these issues in a meaningful and impactful way.”

Written input can be submitted online by noon (Pacific time) on Nov. 30. Check the BC Government website for more information.

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