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Posted: December 11, 2020

16 COVID-19 cases reported in Fording water project crew

Teck today reported that six Fording River Operations employees and 10 contractors working on the Active Water Treatment Facility construction project adjacent to Fording River Operations have tested positive for COVID-19. These results relate to testing that took place between November 28 and December 11.

Contact tracing for all cases has been completed, and anyone identified as a close contact has been directed to self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19 if they experience symptoms.

Teck is working with public health authorities and taking all necessary steps to manage the risk of transmission. This includes tracing all potential contacts, disinfecting work areas, and directing all employees and contractors to self-monitor for symptoms and self-isolate if required.

In addition, Teck reported it has implemented or is advancing enhanced response protocols and preventative measures in response to these cases.

These build on the existing protocols and measures already in place and include:

  •  Increased respiratory protection in the form of required use of C95 and KN95 respirators for all employees, contractors and visitors
  •  On-site review conducted by Interior Health, which confirmed the right response protocols and preventative measures are in place
  •  Temporarily reducing the workforce at the Active Water Treatment facility construction site to allow for implementation of additional measures
  •  Rapid testing to more quickly identify positive cases of COVID-19
  •  Contact tracing technology for faster identification of close contacts
  •  Enhanced and increased screening of all individuals arriving at site to reflect current provincial health restrictions

Proactive self-tracking of interactions and close contacts by all employees and contractors.

“We continue to focus on safeguarding the health and safety of workers and communities and have put in place comprehensive prevention measures across our sites aligned with guidance from public health agencies,” stated Chris Stannell, Teck Public Relations Manager.


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