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Posted: August 16, 2022

A berry delicious way to support ERA

Elk River Alliance (ERA) seeking donations of Saskatoon Berries for new batch of Fernie Distillers Liqueur

Fernie Distillers is getting ready to make a second batch of the popular Forager Saskatoon Berry Liqueur, a charity support effort with a portion of sales going to the Elk River Alliance.

The Saskatoon berries are collected by locals, and the Elk River Alliance is seeking the aid of Elk Valley berry-pickers to collect 10 kg of Saskatoon berries for the liqueur.

To provide some incentive for this generous donation, the Elk River Alliance will be giving away a bottle of the Saskatoon Berry Liqueur based on a random draw; but for every 100 g of berries you donate, your name will be entered once into the draw.

“This is such a fantastic initiative by Fernie Distillers,” said Chad Hughes, Executive Director of the Elk River Alliance, “it’s a great way to engage the community in a fun activity, where their efforts are directly involved in the production of this delicious liqueur that supports our organization.”

Last year, donations from the liqueur raised $1645.00 for the Elk River Alliance, which works to preserve Elk River health through science and education. The previous batch sold out quickly, so winning the contest before the batch is complete is an easy way to increase your chances of snagging a bottle.

To be conscious of wildlife encounters and to maintain sufficient food for wildlife, ERA encourages berry-pickers to forage in urban zones, and not to pick all berries within an area.

Recommended Drink:

The Harvest Sour (by Fernie Distillers):

0.5 oz Saskatoon Berry Liqueur

1.5 oz Bourbon

Simple syrup (to taste)

Fernie distillers aromatic bitters

Egg white or vegan foamer

Shake with ice and strain into glass

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Elk River Alliance

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