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Posted: October 1, 2018

Bear and moose sightings reported

Bear sightings have been reported on the Coal Discovery Trail just below Silveridge and on the dike trail by the golf course on the outside perimeter of Fernie, WildSafeBC Elk Valley reported this morning (Oct. 1).

Bear sightings have been reported throughout the Montane Trail network and up by Castle Mountain.

Black and grizzly bear sightings have reported throughout the South Country, Jaffray, Rosen Lake, Tie Lake , Grassmere, Galloway and on the Jaffray Baynes Lake Road.

Protect small livestock with a properly maintained electric fence. Store all feed in a secure location and ensure feeding areas are clean and free of wildlife attractants. Hunters, thank you for disposing of carcasses responsibly, split them up, bag them and take them to the transfer station.

“There have been very few recent bear sightings in Fernie. Let’s keep it that way.  It is much easier to keep human food and other attractants away from wildlife in the first place, than it is to teach bears, cougars, deer, skunks and rodents to stay away from unnatural food, such as garbage that they have learned to enjoy,” WildSafeBC Elk Valley noted.

“Thank you for keeping garbage in a garage, shed or indoors inaccessible to bears and other wildlife, cleaning up fruit trees and anything else that might attract wildlife.”

A moose has also been reported on Deadfall trail earlier this week.

“When you choose to recreate in the back country be prepared and expect to encounter wildlife anytime. Wildlife, like people, will choose the path of least resistance and will cover great distances to forage for food,” WildSafeBC Elk Valley stated.

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