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Posted: August 25, 2020

Car lit ablaze at Tie Lake Transfer Station

The (Regional District of East Kootenay) RDEK Fire Services – South Country this morning reported that someone(s) placed Jaffray and area at peril yesterday when an old car was lit ablaze at the Tie Lake Transfer Station.

“Whomever decided that it was a good idea to light this car on fire at the Tie Lake Transfer Station, has no idea of the potential this had to be a catastrophic wildfire! If this fire had spread to the wildland there could have been lives, homes, and businesses lost; all due to your reckless and ignorant behaviour,” the fire department stated on social media.

“Our area has been at extreme fire hazard for weeks! Your actions put the entire community of Jaffray at peril!”

If anybody has information regarding the lighting of this fire please contact the South Country Fire Services immediately at (250) 429-3133.

RDEK photo


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