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Posted: January 25, 2017

Charges for Teck in fish mortality incident

Three Fisheries Act charges have been filed against Teck Coal Limited after an October 2014 incident in which fish were found dead after the launch of the West Line Creek Active Water Treatment Facility.

A total of 74 deceased fish were found in the area between October 16 and November 5, 2014, prompting a review by the company.

It was found the fish died from nitrite poisoning and low dissolved oxygen levels in the water.

“At the time of the incident, an extensive investigation was undertaken that resulted in the implementation of numerous measures to prevent a reoccurrence, including improved monitoring and incident response programs, additional process controls, and creation of an effluent buffer pond to allow early identification and management of potential issues before discharge to the receiving environment,” explained Nic Milligan, Teck Coal’s Manager, Community & Aboriginal Affairs.

“At Teck, we take all environmental issues very seriously. We are committed to working to improve our environmental performance and achieve the objectives for water quality improvements outlined in the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan,” he said.

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