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Posted: August 27, 2020

District asks ORV users to obey the laws

The District of Elkford has received numerous reports about violations of the Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) Act and abuse of the ATV trail systems this summer.

Bylaw Enforcement has recently followed up on complaints related to ATV users and ATV trail systems, including excessive speeding, full-sized motor vehicles (trucks) driving on ATV trails, riders without helmets and/or licences and ORVs being ridden down residential streets.

“We thank everyone who has called in to report violations, and we ask that you continue doing your part to keep our trail systems and community safe for all,” the district stated on social media this morning.

“As the Elkford ATV Club notes on their website, Elkford is one of the few municipalities in Western Canada that permits users to ride ATVs/ORVs within town, allowing many the privilege of riding from home to the nearest trailheads. Along with this privilege comes important responsibilities: obeying speed limits, wearing helmets, sticking to designated trails and obtaining the necessary permits, insurance and registration,” the district noted.

Questions or concerns? We’re here to help! To learn more about ATV/ORV bylaws, regulations and trails—or to obtain your annual permit and plates—contact the District of Elkford at 250-865-4000.


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