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Posted: November 9, 2020

District of Elkford warmly welcomes fresh faces to council

The District of Elkford is pleased to introduce its newest Youth Council Representatives, Brayden Sorensen and Riley Murray.

Each year, two Elkford Secondary School student volunteers are appointed to represent youth at the council table. These young community leaders are elected on a one-year term, joining Mayor and council to increase awareness of youth-related issues, advocate for their peers and speak on behalf of youth during deliberations. In turn, they also communicate the issues, priorities and decisions that council faces to their peers.

“Youth Councillors bring a fresh perspective to many issues of importance,” said Elkford’s Mayor, Dean McKerracher. “They may not have a vote, but they do have a voice. Our two newest representatives are affiliated with several youth-related organizations in Elkford, and we’re confident that they’ll be outstanding advocates for their peers in the community.”

For the 2020-21 term, the district welcomes Sorensen as the new Senior Representative. Sorensen is well-known in the community for his excellent work ethic and his participation in the 279 Air Cadet Squadron and the Student Advisory Council Leadership Team. Murray is returning for his second consecutive term as Junior Representative, bringing his positive attitude and experiences with Student Council and the SYS.tem Youth Action Network in Elkford.

Elkford is a relatively young community with a history of inviting its youth to speak up and get involved. Nearly two decades ago, District of Elkford Council was among the first in the region to welcome youth representatives. The initiative helps youth understand how the budgeting process works to meet  strategic planning priority projects, as well as to join the conversation about decisions that affect them.

“The district has encouraged teens to participate in local government for a long time,” said Elkford’s Director of Corporate Services, Chantel Dawson. “Our youth are the future leaders of this community, and it’s imperative that they have a say in shaping that future. We’re thrilled about their level of engagement and enthusiasm—it’s looking bright!”

Lead image: Brayden Sorensen, left, and Riley Murray. Photos submitted

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