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Posted: September 13, 2018

EAC issues call for proposal for public art project

The Elkford Arts Council (EAC) invites artists (or artist teams) to submit a proposal to design and create a site-specific public artwork at the Elkford Community Conference Centre in Elkford.

This opportunity is open to professional artists (and artist teams) who demonstrate the following attributes:

•  Are residents of the Columbia Basin.

•  Are able to meet the deadlines and stay within approved budget.

•  Have the skills and experience required to manage all phases of the implementation 
from design to delivery of the artwork.

•  Open to artists from all nationalities.

•  An understanding of the vision and themes as stated below.

•  Are able to be present at the Unveiling Ceremony on June 29, 2019.

The site for the public art is in the interior of the Elkford Community Conference Centre (CCC).

We are seeking an artist (or artist team) to create a two dimensional artwork that will be permanently hung on the wall. The proposed location within the CCC is an interior wall near the main entrance to the building. The wall is 14 feet, four inches wide and nine feet, 10 inches high (from floor to lighting).

The District of Elkford reserves the right to choose the final location of the artwork within the CCC.

The Artwork:

•  Should provide an engaging visual art aesthetic that is visible to people accessing the 

•  Should consider the context of the location, architecture and décor of the CCC lobby.

•  Should be approachable and inclusive to a broad demographic and variety of cultures, 
be positive and convey a sense of welcome to visitors to Elkford as the Visitor’s Information Centre is adjacent to this lobby.

•  May be more than one piece, and pieces can vary in size, but final installation should be large enough to have a significant visual presence to command attention from people passing by this wall. Suggested dimensions are: 10 feet wide by six feet high.

•  We welcome proposals utilizing art mediums including but not limited to: painting, photography, glass, fibre arts, printmaking, ceramics, mosaic and metal work.

•  Should consider one or more of these themes: – the geographical setting of Elkford.
- the history of the Elk Valley.
- the activity of the space as a community hub. – mining, stewardship of land and resources.

•  Must be ready to hang on the wall, and include all mounting brackets appropriate to securely hang the artwork.

A maximum budget of $18,500 CAD has been allocated for the commissioning of the artwork. This sum is paid directly to the artist and is inclusive of:
- all artists’ fees, technical consulting, insurance requirements, supplies, fabrication, documentation, taxes. 
- travel expenses to Elkford to view the site and to be present at the unveiling ceremony.
- an artist statement to accompany the artwork, framed in wood.
- the transportation of the finished work to the CCC by June 15, 2019.

The artist is not responsible for:
- the cost of installing the artwork.
- professional photography of the completed artwork (on site). – insurance after the artwork has been delivered. 
- The artist will receive three equal installments: the first upon being awarded the project and signing the contract, second upon the artwork being half completed and third upon the delivery of the artwork to the CCC. 
Additional Information

The EAC is requesting that the successful applicant document their artistic process in the design and fabrication of this artwork and prepare a minimum of four short articles / updates for the EAC to publish on the EAC blog, as well as images be provided for use on the EAC Facebook and Instagram pages.

This is the first public artwork for the community of Elkford and has been funded by the Columbia Basin Trust, The Elkford Arts Council and The Elkford Enhancement Society.

The unveiling ceremony of this artwork will be on Saturday, June 29, 2019 as part of Elkford’s annual Wildcat Days celebrations.

The artist is to provide a framed statement and biography to accompany the artwork Elkford Community Conference Centre at 750 Fording Drive, Elkford, B.C.

The selection process will be undertaken by the Public Art Acquisition Panel. This Panel will be comprised of individuals representing the Elkford Arts Council, Elkford Enhancement Society, District of Elkford and two members of the public.

The jury will review the submissions and adjudicate based upon:

Artist meets requirements listed above pass/fail;

Proposal reflects one or more of the suggested themes 20%;

Quality of previous artwork 25%;

Artistic merit of proposed artwork 40%;

Suitability of the artwork to the proposed site 15%.

Recommendation by references provided pass/fail.

Submission Requirements

Artist(s) are requested to provide the following information in their submission:

Name of artist with contact information including full mailing address, an email address and telephone number. If more than one artist will be working on the artwork, list all of the artists here, but specify which is the main contact person

A cover letter confirming that the artist(s) meet(s) all of the requirements.

Proposal: approx. 250 words outlining the artist’s conceptual approach to this project; how their project represents one or more of the suggested themes and what materials and techniques they will utilize.

Proposal Drawing: a hand-drawn or computer generated sketch of the proposed artwork including dimensions.

CV of each artist who will be assigned to the project.

Up to 12 images showing previous examples of the artist’s work. Digital images must be 
submitted as a jpeg, in this format: lastname_image#.jpeg (ie: doe_1.jpeg)

A corresponding image list indicating the artwork’s title, year of creation, medium, dimensions, location and value.

Two professional references (provide their name, phone number and describe their association to you)

Project Timeline

The following timetable outlines the anticipated schedule for the selection process and project award. The schedule is provided for information only. Timing may vary and the EAC will ultimately determine the timeline of events.

Call for Entry closes October 12.

Selection of artwork by Jury – Week of October 15.

Notification to successful applicant – October 20

Unveiling of Artwork – June 29, 2019.

Questions and more information, including how to submit your proposal regarding this project may be directed to: Brian Bisset
, Public Art Lead
Email: [email protected]

Lead image: Proposed site for installation of Public Artwork: (this wall is directly to the left upon entering the building from the main entrance). The signage, chairs and table may be moved, but the lighting is fixed.


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