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Posted: November 23, 2021

Elkford gets upgraded used oil recycling depot

BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA) today announced that the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) received a grant from BCUOMA that provides the Elkford Transfer Station with three additional storage tanks to be used for the responsible collection and storage of returned used oil and antifreeze materials.

BCUOMA is a not-for-profit group dedicated to the collection and recycling of used lubricating oil, oil filters, oil containers, used antifreeze and antifreeze containers in British Columbia.

“The residents of Elkford and the surrounding area have done a great job of returning their used oil to the Elkford Transfer Station, where it is collected, and then transferred to a processing facility to be recycled. As Elkford’s population grows, RDEK understands the need to continue to expand their recycling infrastructure to ensure this responsible handling of used oil and antifreeze materials,” said David Lawes, CEO, BC Used Oil Management Association. “The Elkford Transfer Station’s used oil recycling depot also continues to be free, easy to use, and conveniently located.”

BCUOMA continues to look for opportunities to upgrade and improve recycling facility locations across the province to provide British Columbians with reasonable access to convenient and free used oil recycling centres.

BCUOMA’s infrastructure grant program requires the responsible environmental handling, collection, transportation, storage, processing and recycling of used oil and antifreeze material using economic, efficient, and environmentally acceptable options.

Municipalities, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other sectors interested in a BCUOMA infrastructure grant can find out more information here.

Used oil is a valuable resource and if it is recycled at one of BCUOMA’s dedicated public recycling centres it can be recovered and re-used. Used oil can be re-refined into new lubricating oil or sold asraw material inputs for manufacturing or energy products.

Additionally, used oil filters contain metal, which is recycled into metal products like rebar, nails, and wire. Used oil and antifreeze containers are recycled and used to manufacture new oil containers, drainage tiles, and parking curbs. Used antifreeze is refined and reused as new automotive antifreeze.

A comprehensive listing of all the public recycling centres across B.C. can be found here.

BCUOMA would like to acknowledge that the Elkford Depot is located on the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation.

For more information on the Elkford Transfer Station visit https://www.rdek.bc.ca.

Elkford Depot is located at 6 Inkaneep Road.

Lead image: Troy Pohl – Used Oil Recycling Depot Operator. Photo submitted


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