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Posted: July 22, 2021

Elkford seeing uptick in ORV violations

Editor’s note: the original headline of this story was changed as it caused some confusion about access to Crown land.

The District of Elkford reported July 21 it is again seeing a major uptick in violations of the Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) Act and abuse of the ATV trail systems.

“This summer, Bylaw Enforcement continues to follow up on complaints related to ATV users and ATV trail systems, including excessive speeding, full-sized motor vehicles (trucks) driving on ATV trails, riders without helmets and/or licences and ORVs being ridden down sidewalks and residential streets,” the district stated on social media.

“In previous years, the RCMP had issued permits allowing ATV/ORVs to ride down the street to access the nearest trailhead from their residence. Be advised that the RCMP has indicated that they are no longer issuing permits in Elkford that would allow ATV/ORV users to ride on/down residential streets and highways.”

Note that Crown land, and trail systems on Crown land, continue to be accessible to all ATV/ORV/snowmobile users who carry the required licences, insurance, helmet and plates—but all riders must now haul their machines directly to the trailheads.

Riders who do not abide by the regulations governing off-road vehicles risk facing penalties and fines from the District of Elkford, the Province of British Columbia and the RCMP. Fines will also be incurred if you do not wear your helmet, carry your insurance and annual licence or properly display your plate, the district said.

“The only condition in which an ATV/ORV rider can legally traverse a road is to dismount and cross the road directly to the trailhead on the other side (e.g., if the trail you are riding is intersected by a road, you may cross it to get to the other side; additionally, you may also cross at a controlled intersection, such as a stop sign or at traffic lights). Within the boundaries of the District of Elkford, you must carry a minimum of one million dollars in third-party liability insurance, carry a valid driver’s licence, wear a helmet and take care to ensure that the crossing is safe.

“We thank everyone who has called in to report violations, and we ask that you continue doing your part to keep our trail systems and community safe for all. We have some of the most beautiful off-roading trails in British Columbia and enjoying this privilege comes with some important responsibilities.”

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