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Posted: May 20, 2019

Elkford students learn about life on a ranch

By Andrew Gulyas

Elkford Secondary School students recently learned about riding horses and seeing what life is like on a ranch.

Wow, what a day in the community.

My PE 10 students experienced how people live with animals, the physical demands of living on a ranch, and food collection from livestock.

PE 10 students “moseyed on down,” to Emily Peebles Equine Therapy Ranch in Elkford, where they had an experience like no other. Students saw where their daily staple of eggs and chickens come from. Students started by entering a chicken coop, picked eggs, held chicks and saw where their daily staple of animal protein are raised and brought to market.

Following this new experience, students were introduced to horses, discussed their feed, horse’s lives on a ranch, and bailed hay. Students then went out and caught their horses for their upcoming horseback ride, were they then learned how to groom and tack their majestic beasts.

The final event was their riding lesson, which quickly progressed into the culminating experience of trotting around the coral.

A big thank you to Emily Peebles and Holly Peebles for letting us onto your ranch and giving students such a wonderful experience.

Andrew Gulyas is a teacher at Elkford Secondary School.

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