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Posted: November 28, 2016

Fernie SAR a godsend for several Sunday

Fernie Search and Rescue (SAR) members Sunday rescued more people than originally anticipated.

On Sunday, November 27, Fernie SAR was called out in response to two backcountry recreationists who had been reported overdue from a trip to the southernmost reaches of the Flathead Valley (in B.C.).

“Given the vast potential search area, the ground search was supplemented with a team in a helicopter as well as CASARA (fixed wing civil air search and rescue). The two individuals were found relatively quickly, and were able to return with their own vehicle,” SAR reported on its Facebook page.

The search also highlighted the need to be clear on the destination and duration, when you leave a trip plan with family or friend, SAR pointed out.

“On a side note, the ground search team encountered several vehicles that had slid off the Lodgepole FSR (Forest Service Road) due to very challenging driving conditions and were able to assist in getting the vehicles back on the road to Fernie,” SAR added.


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