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Posted: July 23, 2021

Fernie SAR perform back-to-back rescues

Fernie Search and Rescue (SAR) was called out for back-to-back rescues the afternoon of July 22.

The first involved a hiker who became lost high above Island Lake Lodge and ended up on a cliff face (pictured above). A lengthy technical rope rescue was needed to extricate him, and he was safely rescued with help from Island Lake staff, Fernie SAR described on social media.

The second involved a woman with a serious leg injury on the Moccasin Trail on Mt. Fernie. She was eventually long-lined and delivered to BCEHS (pictured below).

“We were fortunate to obtain the support of both Ascent Helicopters and Bighorn Helicopters.

“We would like to draw people’s attention to the fact that almost every helicopter in the province is currently fighting fires. There is no guarantee we can pull them off fire duty, and if we do it means they are no longer fighting fires. In all cases this means both our response times, and our response options are affected,” Fernie SAR advised.

Fernie SAR photos


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