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Posted: May 27, 2021

100 Women Who Care Fernie impacting the Elk Valley

Two local organizations recently received a $3,450 financial boost to further the great work they are doing in the Elk Valley.

Cycling Without Age’s Melanie Wrigglesworth accepts the donation.

The donations came from the members of 100 Women Who Care Fernie (100WWCFernie), who held their second Giving Event on May 7.  At total of $6,900 was raised and through a member nomination and voting process, the funds were given to Fernie Friends for Friends and Cycling Without Age, Fernie Foundation.

“The donation received from 100WWCFernie will support local families during their battle with cancer as they go through the treatment process. It is a very special thing when a group like this gives back to local charities and groups that help people in our area.  It will help to alleviate some of the concerns of finances in the initial stages of their treatment,” said Chris Moulton, Co-Founder of Fernie Friends for Friends.

Spearheaded by nine local women, 100 Women Who Care Fernie is designed to make an immediate, direct, and positive impact on the lives of people in our local communities. The 100 Women Who Care Fernie is 100% volunteer supported, donating all of the money raised to local grassroots organizations.

Since the 100WWCFernie inaugural event in December 2020, Members donated over $16,000 and funded five local organizations.

“Cycling Without Age is thrilled with the recent donation from the 100 Women of Fernie.  The excitement for our organization is really growing and we are delighted with the support from across the Fernie community.  This donation will help us ensure we can confidently meet the needs of our seniors and other less-abled individuals to experience the amazing views around town from the comfort of our amazing trishaws,” said Melanie Wrigglesworth, Founder of Cycling Without Age.

The concept is simple, quick, and effective. Using a simple membership format, women from across the Elk Valley donate $100 at each Giving Event and as Members can nominate a local group or organization to receive funding.  Six nominations are drawn out of a hat with the nominating member giving a 2-minute pitch for why their cause should be chosen.

The members then cast their votes and the top two organizations receiving the most votes are funded.

Members of 100 Women Who Care Fernie meet twice a year to open their cheque books and their hearts.

The next Giving Event takes place on November 5.  To learn more, go to or email [email protected].

Making a difference. Together.

Lead image: Fernie Friends for Friends receive their donation from 100 Women Who Care Fernie. Photos submitted

100 Women Who Care Fernie

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