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Posted: December 15, 2020

100 Women Who Care makes an impact in Fernie

Three local organizations recently received a pre-Christmas boost of $3,500 each.

Fernie Fresh Food Share

The donations came from 100 local women who participated in the first ever 100 Women Who Care Fernie Giving Event, held on December 4.

The sold-out event raised $10,500. The women then promptly gave the money to Angel Flight East Kootenay, Fernie Fresh Food Share, and Fernie Women’s Resource Centre.

Spearheaded by nine local women, 100 Women Who Care Fernie is designed to make an immediate, direct, and positive impact on the lives of people in the community. 100 Women Who Care Fernie is 100% volunteer supported, donating all of the money raised to local grassroots organizations.

The concept is simple, quick, and effective. Using a simple membership format, 100 women from across the Elk Valley donate $100 at each Giving Event. As members they can nominate a local group or organization to receive funding.  Six nominations are drawn out of a hat with the nominating member giving a two-minute pitch for why their cause should be chosen.

The members then cast their votes and the top two or three organizations receiving the most votes are funded.  In less than an hour, over $10,000 is put back into our community.

Members of 100 Women Who Care Fernie will meet twice a year to open their cheque books and their hearts, with the next meeting to take place in May 2021. To learn more, go to or email [email protected].

Founded in 2006 in Jackson, Michigan, 100 Women Who Care is a simple way to raise money efficiently and quickly for local charities. Since then, over 900 chapters have sprouted up worldwide.

The Fernie chapter is founded by Patty Vadnais, Cindy Pearson, Anita Palmer, Donna-Marie Young, Marilyn Brock, Sharon Strom, Shantelle Weir, Sophie Howden and Zabrina Mohr.

Lead image: Angel Flight East Kootenay receive the support from 100 Women Who Care Fernie. Photos submitted

Fernie Women’s Resource Centre.

100 Women Who Care Fernie

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