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Posted: June 22, 2022

Annex Dike work set to get underway

The City of Fernie reports the Annex Dike improvement project is set to get underway this month.

The $4.97 million grant-funded-project will see the 1,800 m length of the Annex Dike raised and the dike slope and crest reconstructed to improve flood protection for the 900 homes in the Annex neighbourhood.

The dike trail will also be paved to improve the city’s Active Transportation network, the city noted on its website.

The project will involve significant disruptions in and around the Annex Park, including full closures of the Annex Park and associated trail networks over the summer months.

“As the project kicks off the project contractor will be mobilizing heavy equipment and materials and staging them in the Annex Park parking lot which will be closed to the public.

Please respect all marked closures and give crews space to safely do their work,” the city stated.

More information on the project and construction timelines is available on Fernie’s Lets Talk Project Page.

Lead image from City of Fernie’s Let’s Talk Project Page


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