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Posted: May 29, 2019

Comedy Circus hits pulse of parenthood at Arts Station

By Mary Giuliano

Saturday, May 25 saw live theatre presented at Fernie’s The Arts Station with the performance beginning at 7:30 p.m.

There is nothing like live acting to seriously entertain an audience and the three ladies of Kootenay Comedy Circus collective, in the presentation of Mom Guilt/Dad Guilt, truly didn’t disappoint. The show pegged as “a sketch comedy musical number / improv/ full of fun surprises kind of variety show looking at the wonderful, exhausting, confusing and sometimes down right ridiculous world of parenting” lived up to the description.

Having parented five children I found the sketches hilarious and at times pretty true to life in general for any parent who has gone through the many unexpected and surprising situational experiences that can happen when you are a parent.

The performers acted many examples of parental angst, with one sketch that had a non-parent individual telling a young mother with a baby what to do regarding car seats was particularly funny as it’s so true that in life one’s perspective becomes much different when you have the experience and knowledge of actually living through what you are speaking about.

The group is made up of performers from around the East Kootnay and is based in Cranbrook but the cast of Brigette Franyo and Lisa Aasebo Kennedy were joined by Fernie’s own Lindsay Vallance for the show here.

It was interactive with lively audience participation that made it even more entertaining but what was truly amazing was the ability of the three performers to take a question from the audience and perform a 10 minute sketch that was delivered spontaneously in a captivating and comical manner. Musical numbers were lovely and enjoyable and so were the jokes.

These three ladies are truly talented and those who attended are looking forward to having them return to do another performance.

Lead image: Sparwood resident Rosa Rocca, left, gets on stage with actors and does a great job. Photos courtesy Mary Giuliano


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