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Posted: June 9, 2019

Community choir shares talent with community

By Mary Giuliano

The spring 2019 choir concert was held on May 31, at 7 p.m. at Knox United Church in Fernie.

Under the direction of David Pasivirta the choir delivered selections that proved very enjoyable to the audience. Pasivirta started the group years ago during his time teaching in Fernie and although he has since moved to Cranbrook he still makes a point to come to Fernie to lead the choir. As one member put it “No matter the weather, whether its rain, sleet or snow he comes every Tuesday night to conduct the practice.”

According to the official program this past year the choir was led through an amazing workshop by Dinah Lindberg Helgeson and Greg Quan who “guided them through an exploration of storytelling and emotional ties to music.”

Another really important event was the choir teaming up with the Crowsnest and Cranbrook choirs performing in all three communities naming the events “Mountain Voices.”

Another performance that the community looks forward is the annual Christmas concert as it has become part of our town’s celebration of the holiday season and the musical choices this group sings are simply marvellous.

At the spring performance the choir sang mostly English speaking songs including a rendition of “Danny Boy” that was so beautifully done that it gave one chills and another selection with each making sounds with their hands and feet was really very intriguing. However, each musical selection was a gift to the listener. There is something very magical about listening to live performances. And although the males in this choir are outnumbered by the females they still were very strong and sounded great.

David Pasivirta is a wonderful director, not only in his ability to lead but also in that he includes the audience by directing comments to them before each selection is performed and sometimes he even tells funny little stories that make those in the audience laugh. It certainly makes for a wonderful evening of entertainment.

Congratulations to the choir members, piano, violinist, and guitar players and the director. You are all very talented and we thank you for sharing your talent with the community. If interested in joining the choir next year go to Facebook/Fernie Community Choir for information.

Photos courtesy Mary Giuliano

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