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Posted: July 3, 2021

Fernie SAR respond to two overturned watercraft reports

Fernie Search and Rescue (SAR) was called out for two separate reported river emergencies simultaneously this afternoon.

Both involved reports of overturned watercraft, SAR reported on social media.

“In one case, a thorough search of the river led us to conclude the boat had been abandoned after capsizing.”

In the other incident, Fernie SAR worked with Fernie Fire / Rescue, the RCMP and BC Ambulance Service to extricate two boaters, one with a leg injury.

“In both cases the vessels have now been geo-located and flagged.

“We would like to take this opportunity to let people know that reports of overturned vessels will almost invariably lead to a full rescue response, involving multiple agencies, swift water rescue experts and often a helicopter. This ties up considerable resources and it is essential that river users who have capsized a vessel and have safely extricated themselves report the overturned vessels to 911 ASAP if they are forced to leave them in the water,” Fernie SAR advised.

Lead image: One of the flagged overturned watercraft. Fernie SAR photo


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