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Posted: June 17, 2021

Fernie start-up reaches final of pitch competition

Fernie tech start-up Sucre Interactive Technologies Inc. has reached the final round of the New Ventures BC Pitch Competition.

Sucre is the only company outside of the Lower Mainland/ Capital Region to make the Top 15 of this highly competitive start-up event.

Sucre develops hyper-realistic immersive (Virtual Reality-based) training environments. Their solution is deployed in workplaces where “learning by mistake” has catastrophic real-world consequences.

Through the use of AI, Sucre’s platform detects individual learning styles and modifies itself to suit the trainee, increasing their ability to learn effectively. Sucre’s system measures a user’s performance through metrics like information retention, reaction times, cognitive load, and other previously uncollectable data.

These insights enable organizations to make strategic decisions based on a deeper understanding of the opportunities presented by individual capabilities. Furthermore, the identification of competency gaps allows client companies to bolster hiring and training based on empirical, quantifiable data.

Established in Fernie, Sucre was founded by Alex Hanson, Kyle Hamilton, Jude Smith and Phill Williams, since then the core team has grown to include learning specialist Paul von Witgenstein.

Sucre’s pitch has landed them in the final round of the province-wide competition. Of 208 teams that made it through the preliminary round, Sucre’s pitch placed them in the top 15, and 42 additional companies are competing for the final 10 spots in the Final.

Speaking about the competition, Kyle Hamilton said; “We have been working very hard developing our company, and on creating a compelling pitch, and are delighted to have the opportunity to present our business in the finals.”

“Companies that adopt our services can look forward to being safer, more efficient, and increasing profitability. We are rapidly approaching commercialization, are looking forward to the next part of our journey,” said Jude Smith.

Sucre Interactive Technologies Inc. photo


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