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Posted: October 8, 2018

Giuliano goes to bat for West Fernie at RDEK

On Friday October 5, City of Fernie Mayor and Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Director Mary Giuliano introduced a motion at the RDEK board meeting to help mitigate septic fee payments for West Fernie residents for a two-year period.

As part of the induction of West Fernie into the City of Fernie, residents were required to begin paying septic fees at higher rates as of January 1, 2019. Mayor Giuliano introduced the motion to amend Bylaw 2888 for the Area A Septic Regulations and Fees covering the West Fernie area.

Mayor Mary Giuliano

“I recognized that there is an adjustment period for the West Fernie residents and I wanted to try and mitigate the septic costs where possible following the transition into the City of Fernie. I introduced the motion to effectively freeze these rates at the current (Electoral) Area A rate of $.05 per gallon for the initial two-year period in an effort to make it more affordable and enable the West Fernie residents to decommission septic tanks before it takes effect in December 2020.

“The induction of West Fernie has required leadership from the regional district, the City of Fernie and the citizens for 15 years and more and I feel strongly that it’s important to continue to use every tool available to make it a positive change for all partners, especially the residents during the transition.”

Giuliano added she appreciates the support of her RDEK colleagues and is grateful for their continued support, “along with the provincial and federal governments as we celebrate the completion of this vital project.”

Mayor Giuliano furthered, “West Fernie residents can be assured that I will continue to represent their interests and the entire Fernie community – working with all levels of government to ensure our community is maximizing every possible opportunity for Fernie.”

The West Fernie Restructure Project involved the installation of infrastructure to provide water and sewer to West Fernie residents. As part of this project, the City of Fernie agreed to a boundary extension project to incorporate West Fernie. As of December 2017, both development phases of the project became part of the City of Fernie.

The schedule would have fees set at $0.33 per imperial gallon. The amended bylaw established the rate would be consistent with current Area A rates at $.005 for a period until December 2020. The amendment to Bylaw 2888 would also provide residents with time to decommission septic tanks prior to having to assume regular septic rates.

Lead image: From left, RDEK Board Chair Rob Gay, City of Fernie Mayor Mary Giuliano, Hon. Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Area A Director Mike Sosnowski at last summer’s project completion ceremony held in West Fernie. Ian Cobb/e-KNOW photo


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