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Posted: December 23, 2012

Gratitude for the prosperity and blessings

Mayor’s  update

by Mary Giuliano

As we celebrate this Holiday Season we need to express gratitude for the prosperity and blessings that are enjoyed in Fernie.

As we end 2012 I want to thank everyone who supported me and our council members in any and every way. This has been a year filled with much learning, hard decisions, thoughtful issues and much dialogue. Perhaps the one thing I learned best this year is that nothing is black and white and one person’s opinion isn’t always right or wrong but as long as one follows their gut and their heart and is honestly doing the best they can for their community, then that is a good thing. That’s what my council has been doing these past months.  We love Fernie and want to do the best for everyone in this community, for those who voted for us and for those who didn’t. I want to thank Randal Macnair, Willard Ripley, Dan McSkimming, Phil Iddon, Joe Warshawsky, Joni Krats; my terrific team for their contribution to council and their dedication to Fernie.

I want to thank Jim Hendricks, Bruce Lennox, Dave Cockwell, Cam Mertz, Chief Ivany, Byron Seraban, and all employees in Public Works, Fire Department, Aquatic Centre, and City Hall for their diligent work and dedication to our town.  Together we make a good team that constantly has the best interests of everyone at heart. I want to introduce Michelle Martineau, our new Director of Corporate Services who joined the team December 3.

This past year several items have been accomplished; an Official Community Plan update was initiated, update to the Quality of Life document is being worked on, an Operational Fuel Treatment Program Wildfire Protection Plan above Ridgemont was completed, the long awaited Transfer Station was opened, a timber frame structure donated by the Rotary Club was built as a bike hub at the Aquatic Centre grounds, as well as a new Splash Park,  and 9th Avenue replacement of water and sewer mains and resurfacing from 4th to 18th  street was finished as was 5th Avenue from 13th to 9th street.

Goals for 2013 include paving of Manitou Road, Soccer field development at Max Turyk, and carrying on with ongoing facility audits and lighting retrofits and completion of the Official Community Plan and Leisure Services Master Plan.

George Majic award recipient George Smith, retired teacher, with Anne Majic, wife of the deceased George Majic in whose memory the award is for.

I want to thank all volunteers who serve on the many city committees and all volunteers and organizations for their amazing contribution towards the betterment of our citizens. A special thank you to George Smith, who was awarded the George Majic Spiritus award for being an ‘unsung hero’ for the countless  volunteer hours he puts into doing for others in our community in a quiet way without wanting anything in return.

I want to extend a special welcome to past residents, part-time residents and   visitors coming home to Fernie during this holiday season.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to those in hospital or sick at home.  Greetings and best wishes to residents of Tom Uphill Manor, Trinity Lodge, Rocky Mountain Village, New Horizons, Chrysalis House and Veneto Place.

This time of the year often brings loss of family members, to those  feeling this pain and sadness at this time please be assured that we have you on our hearts and minds and  our wish for you is that the love of God  encompasses you with much peace and understanding.

For our citizens travelling out of town please take extra care on the roads and drive safely with leagues of angels to guide you on your way.

From the Fernie family that is city council, staff and employees, we wish your family all the love and blessings of the season, a safe, peaceful and joyful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Mary Giuliano

Mayor of Fernie

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