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Posted: July 11, 2019

How to secure your garbage cart 

In the event that you absolutely cannot keep your garbage indoors and inaccessible to wildlife between collection days, WildSafeBC Elk Valley offers a solution that can provide an additional barrier.

The cart can be strapped using a tie down/ratchet strap like in the above picture.

Make sure you wrap the tie down around the bar on the cart and secure as tightly as possible.  To make sure the bear does not drag the cart away, you can chain it to a secure anchor point (a strong railing or post).

“This was suggested to me by a Conservation Officer and proved effective as a way to make it more difficult for bears to access garbage,” stated WildSafeBC Elk Valley.

As always, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent dangerous wildlife from accessing unnatural food (garbage) on their property (BC Wildlife Act, Section 33.1).

For more information on preventing human/wildlife conflict go to www.wildsafebc.com

WildSafeBC Elk Valley

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