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Posted: May 10, 2018

Moose sightings by Maiden Lake

WildSafeBC Elk Valley is reporting moose sightings behind Fernie’s Maiden Lake as well as an uprooted trail.

“Moose are wild animals and need to be given space and privacy. Stay safe by keeping an appropriate distance. Moose are not normally aggressive but can be very dangerous if approached or startled, especially females with calves. Given the sheer size and strength of these animals, moose are capable of inflicting serious injuries,” WildSafeBC Elk Valley stated, offering moose safety tips:

  • Never approach a moose. Give the animals a wide berth and ensure they have an escape route.
  • If a moose does charge you, getting inside a nearby building or car is the safest option, but hiding behind a large tree or other solid object may effectively block the charge.
  • Moose will attack dogs as they view them in the same category as their natural predator, the wolf. Keep your dog leashed if moose are in the area.
  • Perhaps the biggest threat that moose pose to human safety is through vehicle collisions. Protect yourself by adjusting your speed in areas where moose are known to frequent especially between dusk and dawn.

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WildSafeBC Elk Valley photo

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