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Posted: May 17, 2022

Red Apple roof vandals enter Restorative Justice

On May 3, an employee of the Red Apple in Fernie reported two high school aged males were responsible for spray painting graffiti on the roof’s building.

Independent witnesses came forward who had seen the youths and instructed them to get off the roof. A video recording of this violation of the law was secured along with the identification of the two youths.

Elk Valley RMCP responded to the scene and after a very thorough investigation, the two youths and their parents were spoken to regarding this mischief behaviour.

Both youths were quite apologetic and wished to make their wrong actions right by being accountable and responsible for the harm they caused, reported Cst. Debra Katerenchuk of Elk Valley RCMP.

“Instead of proceeding through the criminal just system, an alternative was introduced to the victims, youths and their parents,” she said. “It is a means of crime reduction in the community.”

Restorative Justice is part of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General’s Crime Prevention Information Series. It is a process which addresses the needs of victims and the community and holds offenders accountable for the harm they caused.

The program ensures that those who participate keep their commitments, which may include making restitution or completing community services.

Elk Valley RCMP continues with its investigation with the aim of a positive resolution to those who are involved.


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