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Posted: April 23, 2019

Wildsight’s annual Community Yard Sale May 25

The annual Wildsight Elk Valley Community Yard Sale is back and is taking place Saturday, May 25 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and all households, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to take part.

Recent trends such as the popular Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, highlight the benefits of letting go of items that are no longer cherished or regularly used.

Kondo’s trademarked method, rooted in Japanese culture and Shinto spiritual practices, is one of many helpful ways to re-evaluate our possessions and how they shape our lives. The long-standing tradition of spring cleaning can bring a breath of fresh air into the home, and create a more organized and relaxing environment for the whole family.

Spring-cleaning also reveals what we might want to purchase – and why not try to find these items second hand first?

The second-hand economy continues to be important to Canadians. According to The fourth annual Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index the sale of gently used items accounted for $28.5 billion spent in 2017, with an estimated $4.1 billion in British Columbia alone. Eighty-five per cent of Canadians have participated in the second-hand economy. The 25-44 age group engage the most, citing affordability, environmentalism, and the ability to find products that aren’t in local stores as reasons to seek out a second-hand item.

Yard sales may seem old fashioned in the age of online sale and swap pages, but many advantages remain; they’re an opportunity to get to know neighbours and run in to old friends, to support someone you see around town, and tour the community in a unique way. Any items that aren’t sold are already organized and ready to be donated appropriately, or sold in other ways.

Being a part of the Wildsight Elk Valley Community Yard Sale is easy – participants pay a $20 fee and register before May 13! All proceeds go towards supporting environmental education programming in Fernie and surrounding areas.

Wildsight Elk Valley will also be hosting a “White Elephant” sale at their office at 891 Second Avenue in Fernie. Residents who aren’t able to host their own garage sale but want to participate can drop off items anytime after May 10.

We hope you are able to host a sale or visit a sale (or 20!) on May 25! Happy treasure hunting!

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