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Posted: August 21, 2019

Firefighters remaining on scene of Rosicky Road fire

South Country firefighters remain on the scene of an overnight fire on a rural property on Rosicky Road west of Jaffray and are now expecting it could be several days before the fire is fully extinguished.

“We had two barns of hay fully engulfed in the fire. While we have been able to contain both fires, they remain active within the perimeter in the hay and are generating a lot of smoke which can be seen for quite some distance,” explained Elk Valley & South Country Rural Fire Chief Dave Boreen.  “We expect the fires could continue to generate smoke for quite some time.”

Firefighters have been joined this afternoon by a small crew from the BC Wildfire Service as they continue to reinforce the guard built around the fire, lay hose and install sprinklers to keep the area wet. “It will likely take a few days to fully extinguish the piles and we will continue to stay on site to check pumps, monitor the fire and keep water on the area,” adds Boreen.

Drivers are also advised that the smoke may lead to reduced visibility along Highway 3 between Jaffray and the Wardner bridge, particularly in the Rosicky Road area.

This fire is separate to the newly reported wildfire near Colvali, about four to five km south of Rosicky Road. BC Wildfire Service reports that fire is about .2 hectares in size.

Lead image courtesy RDEK


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