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Posted: September 20, 2016

Hiker attacked by bear in Akamina Kishinena

A bear attack yesterday on the Forum Lake Trail in Akamina Kishinena Provincial Park is the cause for a trail closure issued by BC Parks.

forum-lake-akamina“Due to a recent incident between a park visitor and a grizzly bear, visitors to Akamina Kishinena Provincial Park are advised to use extreme caution if planning to visit the park this fall. Further, the Forum Lake Trail has been closed by BC Parks to prevent further potential conflicts. Access to the Akamina Kishinena parking lot and trailhead remains closed by Parks Canada and the seasonal shuttle service has been discontinued as of September 18,” BC Parks reported.

The incident mentioned involved a man being bitten by a bear, suspected to be a grizzly, on Sunday along the Forum Lake Trail, which is also accessed via Waterton Lakes National Park.

BC Parks and Parks Canada responded after the man was attacked. The man was taken to hospital in Lethbridge after being transported to Waterton’s Akamina Parkway for initial treatment. It is believed he has serious bit non-life-threatening injuries.

Akamina Kishinena Provincial Park (pictured above) is located in the very southeastern corner of B.C., south of Sparwood.


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