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Posted: January 31, 2021

Kiosk attendant hassled for wearing mask

The Fernie Snowmobile Association (FSA) Jan. 30 reported on social media that a ticket kiosk attendant was recently hassled by four would-be riders.

“Last Saturday around 10 a.m. at our Corbin trailhead location, four men approached the ticket kiosk and reportedly engaged in abusive and threatening behaviour against the attendant. The riders allegedly began yelling, demanding that she take her mask off when speaking to them, and attempted to force their way into the kiosk,” the FSA stated on social media.

“Let us be 100% clear: The FSA will NOT tolerate ANY abusive or threatening behaviour against staff or volunteers. All incidents will be reported to the RCMP including photos of vehicles, license plates, and now, footage collected from cameras we will be installing.”

The association is asking if you witnessed this incident to please get in touch with them or report anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

The vehicle the four abusive men were in was a cherry red truck with flat deck trailer, SK plates. The riders rode Saturday as well and were part of a group of 10, FSA said.

“We are truly shocked and saddened to see this type of behaviour occurring out there. While the vast majority of sledders are wonderful, respectful individuals contributing to the positive momentum and image of sledding, this one per cent casts a somber shadow on our entire riding community.

“Please leave your personal opinions about mask wearing at home. Stop ripping down COVID awareness signage in the cabins. These things are required of us to continue to operate this season. If you don’t want to remit trail fees then go ride somewhere else where there is no grooming, cabins, parking lots, signage, insurance, and land use agreements protecting your access.”

For more information on who authorizes collection of trail fees please see this link on FSA’s website.

Editor’s note: The original headline stated the attendant had been terrorized. After a complaint from FSA about that word, we changed it to ‘hassled.’

Fernie Snowmobile Association photo


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