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Posted: June 12, 2018

Lake Trail closed due to moose charges

WildSafeBC Elk Valley reported June 11 there have been two reported incidents of a moose cow charging at hikers on the Lake Trail in the Island Lake Lodge area.

The trail has been closed until further notice (two weeks) to protect the public and the moose cow and calf.  Thank you for respecting this closure, WildSafeBC notes in a public alert.

Moose Safety Tips

  • Moose are wild animals and need to be given space and privacy. Never approach a moose. Give the animals a wide berth and ensure they always have an escape route.
  • Female moose with calves need extra space. Moose cows are very protective of their young and may attack if they perceive a threat. If you come across a cow and calf, calmly leave the area immediately.
  • Be aware of moose body language. A threatened moose may lower its head and flatten its ears before charging. If you see these behaviours, find an escape route.
  • If a moose does charge you, getting inside a nearby building or car is the safest option, but hiding behind a large tree or other solid object may effectively block the charge.
  • Dogs and moose don’t mix. A moose can seriously injure or kill a dog if it feels threatened. Likewise, loose dogs can harass moose, causing undue stress. Never let your dog out if there is a moose in your yard.
  • Use caution when walking dogs, keep them under voice control and/or leash.  Dogs chasing wildlife may result in human/wildlife conflict.

WildSafeBC also passed along notice that Mount Fernie Provincial Park rangers are asking that all dogs be kept on a leash when passing through the campground at all times.

Remember that dogs chasing wildlife may provoke defensive behaviour.

For more information on wildlife go to www.wildsafebc.com

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