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Posted: January 26, 2019

Sparwood SAR rescue injured snowmobiler

Sparwood Search and Rescue was called out Jan. 25 for a SPOT activation (GPS emergency beacon) near Barnes Peak in the Corbin area southeast of Sparwood, where a snowmobiler had been injured after colliding with a rock and being thrown from his machine.

SAR members flew to the area by helicopter and located the individual with his party, then stabilized him and flew him out to a waiting ambulance, Sparwood SAR (SAR) reported on social media.

Trip preparation played a key role in keeping the party safe, SAR said.

“Fortunately in this case the snowmobiling party was well prepared to be in the outdoors, and by the time we arrived on scene they had built a fire and were keeping the injured man warm and well looked after. They also carried satellite communication equipment that allowed them to quickly call for rescue,” SAR outlined.

“Whenever traveling in the backcountry you should always carry essential supplies including survival gear and communication equipment.”

For more information on safe backcountry travel, visit www.adventuresmart.ca


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