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Posted: July 24, 2017

District releases satisfaction survey results

The District of Sparwood has released the results of the 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

These survey results are one way in which the district gathers input to understand the needs and perceptions of residents and identify areas to address.

Citizens’ perceptions about the quality of life in Sparwood remain strong and satisfaction with the level and quality of district programs and services remains high. A total of 216 surveys were completed this year; a 61% increase over submissions received when surveyed in 2015.

Although we did see a good increase, the submitted responses represent only five per cent of Sparwood residents. Going forward, this survey will occur once every four years, which we hope will increase the participation from citizens.

This year’s survey identified three major areas of municipal services which citizens thought were the most important for the District to emphasize were:
 (one) community growth and economic development,
 (two) affordable housing, and (three) air quality.

Mayor Cal McDougall

In general, citizens were satisfied with how they were treated by the district during their most recent interactions. Forty-two percent of respondents said they were “very satisfied” with staff’s friendliness and 33% for treating them fairly. However, much of the feedback received identified room for improvement around trail signage, the condition of sidewalks in Sparwood Heights, and communication,

“The insight gained from this analysis will help inform council during strategic planning and budget discussions” said Mayor Cal McDougall. “Citizens generally are satisfied with the quality of community services, such as parks and trails, in Sparwood.”

“The survey serves as a report card for how residents feel the District is performing and helps to guide the Administration in setting priorities for the upcoming year that are important to our residents” said Terry Melcer, Chief Administrative Officer for the District of Sparwood. “Fostering an effective and responsible local government is one of the goals of Council, as identified within our 2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) and the feedback received through this analysis will help guide future CSP Action Plans.”

Citizens are encouraged to sign up for Council Facts, Community eNewsletters or subscribe the district’s News Blog online at to find out more about current projects underway in Sparwood, programs and activities, and other news and announcements.

District of Sparwood

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