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Posted: November 8, 2020

District seeks feedback on Recreation Master Plan

The District of Sparwood Recreation Master Plan is almost complete.

The District of Sparwood is looking forward to gathering public feedback on the final draft of its Recreation Master Plan. This project was initiated in 2019 to identify the recreational gaps, needs, and interests of the community.

Over the past year, consultants undertook a detailed review of the state of recreation in Sparwood, including extensive public consultation in the development of a customized plan for Sparwood. Now, in its final stages, the district seeks resident feedback to gather input on the findings and recommendations.

The Recreation Master Plan provides an overview of Sparwood’s current recreation services and facilities and explores possibilities for the enhancement of recreation in Sparwood through the form of recommendations derived from technical analysis and citizen response.

The plan itself is intended to be a living document that will guide the future of recreation in Sparwood.

Before the recommendations are considered by council, the district is requesting feedback on whether or not the plan represents the direction our community wants to go in.

Opportunities for engagement will be in the form of a virtual open house, electronic and paper surveys, a display in Greenwood Mall, and direct outreach with District staff. Further details can be found on Sparwood’s Facebook page or on our website.

Following the public and community group engagements in November, the Recreation Master Plan will be brought forward to a council meeting for consideration.

District of Sparwood

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